HITLER HERE: a unique perspective on the rise and fall of the Fuehrer

Posted: May 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Adolf Hitler is certainly the most infamous name in 20th century history.Tons of biographies have been written about this man,but none like the one I’ve just finished reading.

“Hitler Here” is a biographical novel by American author George Thomas Clark,of which I was lucky enough to receive an autographed copy,and it is like no other World War 2 historical novel I’ve read.

The reason is in the style of the novel .Its chapters are in fact short,1st person notes from the key figures of the period,from Hitler himself,to Mussolini ,Stalin and Eva Braun,and that’s to name just a few.I loved the fact that the author even wrote from the POV of objects(such as a book about to be burned by Nazis).It’s as if even objects felt the wrath of Hitler’s evil.

It takes a lot of courage to write from the point of view of Adolf Hitler,and that’s why I loved the book so much.Only by looking at things from his point of view was I able to fully understand the extent of his madness.Despite this aspect,the novel doesn’t paint a sympathetic picture of Hitler.All it does is look at an old story in a new way,and reveal Hitler like no other book has done.The multitude of points of view gives the reader a complex ,chillingly believable portrayal of the Fuhrer and his entourage. The extracts written from his POV reflect his grandomaniacal personality perfectly.There’s even one where Hitler sees himself as a Christ-like figure.On the other hand,according to Mussolini Hitler is “a half-mad ,semi-hysterical buffoon.” The ending phrase is a frightening reminder of the undeniable fact  that the almighty Fuhrer was human : “They’ve got a stinking corpse”

Written in 20 years or so,after intensive docummentation “Hitler Here” is a very complex novel,highly recommended to those interested in Hitler,his life and times,or just the chillingly human nature of evil. A solid five stars for a solid WW2 novel,which will ,without a shadow of a doubt become a classic. Now that I’ve read it,all I wish for is to meet the author and have a long discussion about Hitler with him.

Thank you,Mr. Clark.Amazing job!

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