Posted: June 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

Shock and grief has overwhelmed the world of music,as the legendary King of Pop ,Michael Jackson passed away on June 25 2009.He will always be dearly remembered by all of his fans and peers around  the world,for his unique talent ,amazing charisma,and huge impact on modern music.His video of  “Thriller” is still considered the best music video of all time,an extraordinary mix of music,dancing and special effects. Sadly,he chose to become white,as a protest against racism,and that completely transformed him into a plastic-like figure,eventually putting an end to his earthly life,a life of a superstar,both famous and controversial(the child abuse accusations,the colour change).He may be dead physically,but through his songs,such as “Billie Jean “,”Thriller”, “Bad,”Smooth Criminal”, and many,many others,he will always be alive in our hearts.

RIP Michael Jackson(August 29 1958-June 25 2009) .Gone ,but never forgotten

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