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Until recently,pain was my greatest fear.Shortly after my operation,I would mention the word every time. “Why can’t you sleep”,my mother would ask me. “Because my leg fucking hurts” I would reply,harshly,in a frustrated,angered and bitter tone.For almost a month,I didn’t sleep. At all.Nor did I let my mother,father,or anyone in my family sleep.However,when my classmates and friends came to visit me,I was a different person.I put on a mask of …let’s just call it pseudo-confidence. “I ain’t letting a bit of pain back me down”,I’d state,with a confident grin on my face.  I couldn’t have said a bigger lie.When they left the room,i’d go back to my bitter attitude,hurting not only myself but everyone around me.I was frustrated at pain,my Cerebral Palsy,my doctors,my family,SHORTLY EVERYTHING.At the therapy centre,i would start screaming ,crying,kicking and swearing,before the therapist even touched my leg.When she said that the pain was actually a good sign for my health I’d call her mean and yell at her,denying her experience.A therapy session with me was a ride on the highway to Hell for her.I remember one particular scene like it was yesterday.The therapist wanted me to climb a ladder.Simple,right? Hell no! I made an awful lot of fuss about it,and eventually ,when I had my foot placed on the first beam of the ladder,I let out a horrible,animalistic scream.The result? I scared the daylights out of an adorable little girl with Down’s syndrome who was in the gym with me and she ran off,in shock and crying.She refused to go back in,even after everyone assured her I meant no harm.I felt ashamed.Yet, after the incident,i was still hesitant about doing certain thing,which considerably slowed my healing process.That was until recently,when i discovered the extraordinary professional wrestler and human being Bret “THE HITMAN” Hart.Being a wrestling fan,I had heard about him a lot of times,people talked a lot about his wrestling skills and amazing life.Interested about him,I decided to find out more about him,as I knew him only vaguely.I have only been a fan of wrestling for 3 years,and legends of the ring are ,I admit,not so familiar to me(except for the ultra-famous Hogan and only a few more). I watched “HITMAN HART: WRESTLING WITH SHADOWS” and was instantly awestruck.Bret’s father,Stu,head of the 12-children Hart family,practically treated wrestling as a lifestyle and his children lived by it.He hardened them to fight by applying tremendously painful submission holds on them,holds which often had giants staggering and whimpering in pain.This had an amazing effect on Bret ,who became the greatest technical wrestler and an amazing performer in the squared circle.His career was eventful and complex.Eventually ,at the peak of it,in 1997,in Montreal,in front of thousands of fans,he lost a title he was scheduled to win ,and give back the next day,to move to another company,WCW(WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING),”rival” to the WWF/E (WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION/ENTERTAINMENT,led by Vince McMahon.The opponent,Shawn Michaels,also a great performer,but never as talented as Bret,talked to Vince,and they planned to end the match in Bret’s disadvantage:the bell rang despite Bret hadn’t given up.He went to WCW ,where a kick to the head caused a career-ending concussion which caused a stroke.Bret would never wrestle again.Nowadays,his health condition is OK,and his legacy lives on in the hearts of fans.To me,his story is extremely motivating,and this blog post is ,if you will,a mix between a confession and a thank you note.

Thank you,”Hitman” for being so great in the ring,and for the tremendous role model you’ve been to a young disabled fan.Your story made me rethink the definition of pain,and i now regard pain as the SUPREME MOTIVATOR.


  1. Joe Vyper says:

    very good blog bret hart is was and always will be a great man

  2. costiserban says:

    cheers! I apreciate your passion for wrestling… nice and moving article…

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